At the beginning of the 21st Century monsters still roam the remote, and sometimes not so remote, corners of our planet. It is our job to search for them. The Centre for Fortean Zoology [CFZ] is - we believe - the largest professional, scientific and full-time organisation in the world dedicated to cryptozoology - the study of unknown animals. Since 1992 the CFZ has carried out an unparalleled programme of research and investigation all over the world. Since 2009 we have been running the increasingly popular CFZ Blog Network, and although there has been an American branch of the CFZ for over ten years now, it is only now that it has a dedicated blog.

Monday 30 August 2021


Writings by Boris Porshnev on the Hairy Humanoids of Russia, never before translated or published, have now appeared from the Centre for Fortean Zoology.  Porshnev was of the opinion that such humanoids might be a surviving population of Neanderthals living in the wilds of Russia.  The work has been translated into English by Copenhagen-based cryptozoologist Lars Thomas and will shortly be available from the usual outlets. In the meantime, copies may be obtained from CFZ headquarters in England.


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