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Tuesday 22 September 2020


This chronology is probably incomplete.  It is a list of lions ( as distinct from mountain lions) reported in the United States.

1836 - Sighting in West Virginia

1917 - "Nellie the Lioness" reported in Illinois

1917 - Male lion in West Virginia1868

1948 - Lion at Elkhorn Falls (Indiana)

1959 - Lion in Ohio

1971 - Lion in OhioT

1977 - Lion in Ohio

1978 - Lion in Florida

1984 - Lion in Ohio

1985 - Lion in Texas

1992 - Lion in Ohio 

Lions with stripes:

1868 - Striped Lion with mane in California

1986 - Striped Lion with mane in Pennsylvania

This listing does not go beyond 2000, when it was compiled,but I shall seek out some more, if they are there to be sought.  With regard to striped maned lions, one was reported from Mexico in 1940.

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