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Friday 31 May 2019


I've been having a further look into the numbers of people named after animals in the United States.  These are fiercer animals and the numbers are approximate.

Bear 1200
Lion 250
Tiger 600 (120 are female)
Puma 200 (male and female bearers)
Panther 65 
Cougar 55
Bobcat 15

Going on to birds I found

Eagle (600)
Hawk (1000)
Buzzard (103) - this figure includes Canada

Among the reptiles I would mention Alligator.  Although the number of bearers is 3, the shortened form Gator has 145 who share its name.  I found 45 examples of Lizard.  For Turtle I found 60, though sometimes this may come from a surname meaning Turtle-dove.  I encountered a single Tortoise.

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