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Thursday 21 February 2019


While this is not a blog for celebrities, I'll make an exception for Mike, the Headless Chicken.  Yes, he actually existed.  He was at first an ordinary chicken, one with a head, and he lived in Fruita (Colorado).  Then one day his owner chopped his head off, doubtless having selected him for prandial refreshment.  But he didn't cut off all of the brain stem.  Enough was left for Mike to continue living.  The cat made off with his head.

Mike's owner exhibited him in sideshows and he became a celebrity, valued at $10,000.  Owing to the fact that he had no mouth, I mean beak, they had to feed him with an eyedropper.  Mike flourished on this diet and put on weight.  He died after about two years.

In 1999 Fruita started holding a Mike the Headless Chicken Day
annually.  Long may his memory last.

Fruita, Colorado (historic bridge)

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