At the beginning of the 21st Century monsters still roam the remote, and sometimes not so remote, corners of our planet. It is our job to search for them. The Centre for Fortean Zoology [CFZ] is - we believe - the largest professional, scientific and full-time organisation in the world dedicated to cryptozoology - the study of unknown animals. Since 1992 the CFZ has carried out an unparalleled programme of research and investigation all over the world. Since 2009 we have been running the increasingly popular CFZ Blog Network, and although there has been an American branch of the CFZ for over ten years now, it is only now that it has a dedicated blog.

Wednesday 31 January 2018


Jonathan Downes, head of Britain's Centre for Fortean Zoology, has announced a reward of £50,000 ($70,000) for anyone who, between January and June, 2018, can produce incontrovertible evidence that any one of the following cryptids exists:

Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Mermaid, Earth Hound. Yeti/Almasty.Chupacabras, Flying Snake of Namibia, Yowie, Cornish Owlman.

Jonathan, a veteran cryptozoological investigator, is offering the reward in association with Capcom.  This firm is now launching a new game called Monster Hunter: World and the offer is to mark the occasion.

The Centre for Fortean Zoology, of which this is the US blog, has sent cryptid hunting expeditions to many parts of the world and has done extensive research into cryptozoology, the study of animals which may exist, but of whose existence we have yet to find proof.

The Centre for Fortean Zoology, situated in rural Devon, has sent out expeditions to Mongolia, Indonesia, Puerto Rico and Russia.  It is one of the major centers of cryptozoology today.  It also publishes a fine array of cryptozoology books.  It has a youtube tv station.

He's been getting them from Jonathan Downes.

Note: The CFZ does not approve the killing of cryptids to supply proof of their existence.


The CFZ has also been involved in the search for mystery Big Cats in Britain.  A recently discovered sheep skeleton has been found killed in the way typical of Big Cats.  The CFZ, under its doughty director Jonathan Downes, has been called in to investigate.  This article also gives details of the monsters which are eligible in the Monster Hunter: World competition mentioned above.

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