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Friday 28 April 2017


Translation of newspaper article from Gustavo Sanchez Romero.

Naryn, 03 Apr 2017

TURMUSH -   A resident of the city of Naryn, veteran of the internal affairs agency and financial policies Bakyt Asakeyev has over many years studied the question of the existence of the Snowman.

As the veteran OBD told the Turmush commentary, he does not exclude the possibility of existence of the Yeti and he is engaged in collecting information and sightings.

With these words about the existence of the Snowman, he heard from a few people. Working at the At-Bashi Police Department, B. Asakeyev heard the story of hunter Toktosun Zhaparov about two border patrol guards that went hunting being one kidnapped by a female Snowman.

"Later, the other hunter was accused of having killed his comrade, and he was sent to jail. After about two years, the missing hunter returned and told that he had been kidnapped by a female yeti, who had held him back by force and he could not escape anywhere, that they had sexual intercourse and that she gave birth to children and had let him go away with difficulty" -- he recounted.

B. Asakeyev also remembered that while working at the Tyan-Shan police station
he had heard from local hunters about the existence of ancient demons with metallic claws and beak. He gathers information from locals and hunters, living in the areas of Toguz-Toro, Eki-Naryn, Bosovo, Zhany-Zher, Kyzyl-Oy on Suusamyr valley.  "Villagers       related the story of a hunter who had met with an unknown creature in the village of Kyzyl-Oy on the Suusamyr. Frightened, he moved to Cokuluk.
In 2000, the occurred an incident which I received with confidence because shy people agreed to the same thing. A dispersed group of Naryn border guards found in the vicinity of the Arpa valley the tracks of a yeti. As servicemen, they feared that they would be laughed at, and did not talk about it.  In those days, I was working as the head of the Hunting Department.  I was interested in the testimonies of shy people. After the emergence of information about the discovery of the Snowman tracks by the border guards, I could not remain inactive: I became interested. However, such information without serious documentation could not be published. Within a year, together with border guards, we went back to that place.  At that time, I took photographs and a video of the Snowman's tracks. The creature was so heavy that it left deep tracks in the ground. In spite of the passage of a year, all the tracks were still visible at that place" .... he reported.

As Asakeyev related, the border guards had found the tracks in pebbles, thanks to which they had been preserved. "On the video, it is clearly visible that the length of the tracks is 45 cm and their width 25 cm. The distance between steps is about 1.5 m. “he added.

One of the discoverers of the tracks of the unknown creature was the border guard Mamytbek Muratov. At a meeting at AKI press, in Naryn, he confirmed that he was there, on duty, and also provided archival photos of the group of border guards discovering the Yeti tracks.

B. Asakeyev began to devote himself in earnest to the study of the existence of the Yeti in 2008, after he retired. "My work at a tourist agency helped me.  The leader of the firm suggested to a Swiss citizen called Samuel that he join an expeditionary group to Kazakhstan to carry on some research.  Many years passed. In February, Samuel called me and told me that a Spanish scientist was interested in the study of the Yeti.  Today, a local and international group of researchers, led by biologist Gustavo Sanchez Romero are in the Ak-Talinskom and Toruz-Torouzkom areas.  And I with them as a representative of Kyrgyzstan.  They are investigating areas where man has not set foot."  he concluded.

To the TURMUSH commentary, Gustavo Sánchez Romero said that he is a researcher of creatures still unknown to science. He considers that one must not reject facts regarding the existence of the Yeti, because before the evolution of modern man, there existed early creatures, the Neanderthals, and others. He said that there are suppositions that relics of such groups of primitive humans, or an evolutionary offshoot of our own humanity, may have survived in regions with cold climates, within pristine valleys and large mountains.

B. Asakeyev supposes that the Yeti might inhabit the high-mountain area of At-Bashi, the Arpa region, in Suusamyr, in Kara-Kuldje and Uzgenye.

What was known earlier?

Earlier, TURMUSH wrote that more than 15 years ago servicemen in the Kyrgyzstan border duty found the tracks of a Snowman in the Arpa valley in the southern Naryn region.  As related by the TURMUSH correspondent, the At-Bashi area has been an earlier source of many sayings that there might exist surviving Snowmen in the Arpa Valley.  In the words of the president of the Veteran Border Guards Service of the Naryn region, pensioner Zhanybeka Asanova, in 2001, a border guard incident was the discovery of the tracks of an unknown creature. "It was June 2001. It was a time of transition, shortly after the Batkenshy incident.  Rumors began to spread that some boundaries of the country there might be armed groups. Naturally, all that information required thorough confirmation. One day, we received information that there was a group of armed people in the Arpa valley, bearded and on horseback.  The area included the mountains of the Kara-Kuldja valley and the Fergana ridge”.  A special group of Naryn detachment border guard servicemen was created, consisting of colonel Sydykov, major Turdakunov, captain Sartov, driver M.Mamytov, all GKNB (intelligence section) personnel. With this group, we travelled to the area mentioned. Along the way, we decided to stop on the shore of Keptesh river, near Minbugu", he told us.  

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