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Wednesday, 6 July 2016


If you live in the vicinity of Trussville, Alabama, you may be aware of its legendary creature which is referred to as the White Thing.  This animal is said to be tall as a man, from which we may infer that it is bipedal.  It is covered in fur as white as snow.  It has fierce claws and gives loud screams.  The killings of cattle and chickens were ascribed to it.

In 1949 there was a hunt for it.  The pursuers chased it as far as Roper Hill, then lost it.
Trussville, Alabama

This sounds as though it might be a white Bigfoot to me, though the claws are inconsistent with such an identification.  The screams, on the other hand, would incline one in a Bigfoot direction.  Tales of this creature go back for 150 years.

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