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Monday 29 February 2016


The information in this small segment is taken from B.M. Nunnelly's most interesting book Mysterious Kentucky.  He gives us an account of the so-called Spottsville Monster.  This seems to be a Bigfoot-like creature with possibly canine characteristics.

Now, I know some cryptozoologists shy away from the possibility that cryptids are connected in some way with portals leading to otherworldly locations.  However, some of today's physicists are beginning to look with a friendlier eye on such ideas, particularly on the possibility that other universes or dimensions might exist.

One particular witness told Nunnelly that one day he saw what looked like heatwaves rising from the road.  I have seen similar waves myself rising from hot tarmac on a summer's day, as I'm sure have many of my readers.  But out of this wavy area, as though it were a door, stepped the humanoid Spottsville Monster.  The witness said it sent him an angry mental message, stepped back into the haze and disappeared.

He continued to watch this area from afar through binoculars and he saw a number of these creatures enter and depart through the haze.

The existence of such portals would explain the provenance of some cryptid creatures reported in areas inadequate to sustain them.  Scientists who would earlier have frowned at the idea of other universes seem willing to accept their possibility.  Cryptozoologists should not dismiss them out of hand, merely because they seem the stuff of science fiction.  So did the horseless carriage once.

Brian Nunnelly's book is published by Whitechapel Press and may be ordered through Amazon.

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