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Tuesday 28 July 2015


People sometimes ask if any mystery animals, formerly not believed in by scientists, have ever been discovered.  A number have.  One of these is the Bai-Xiong.

This is a white bear.  It is not a polar bear.  What its exact status is in the bear family has yet to be determined.  But it definitely exists.  Four specimens have actually been captured and kept in Chinese zoos.

This variety of bear lives in the Shennongjia mountains in the province of Hubei, China.  Before the 1960s, its existence was not credited by scientists.  It may constitute a new species.  Scientists are as yet uncertain.  Next time you're in the Shennongjia area, look out for it.

Footnote: I am sure I don't need to remind readers that bears of whatever species are highly dangerous and should not be approached closely.

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