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Saturday 19 July 2014


Glamis Castle

Glamis Castle in Scotland will be known to many as the location of much of Shakespeare's Macbeth.  (The name Glamis, by the way, has only two syllables, but Shakespeare's scansion shows he thought it had three; it is normally pronounced Glahms).  Here, in the play, Macbeth murdered King Duncan, but this does not reflect history.  In fact, Macbeth defeated Duncan in battle and after that he made quite a good king.  His queen, who in the play is simply called Lady Macbeth, was in fact named Gruoch.  This is not a common name these days, in Scotland or anywhere else.

The castle was latterly in the  hands of the Bowes-Lyons family, of which the Queen of England's mother was a member.  The story grew up that the castle at one stage was tenanted by a ghastly monster.

I am not going to write upon the monster as there is a perfectly good article on the subject by Mike Dash, to which the link below will lead you.

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