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Wednesday 14 May 2014


Some readers prefer to see Bigfoot as a purely zoological mystery and are greatly put off by anyone who seeks to link Bigfoot with the paranormal.  In opposition to this we have the views expressed by Keewaunee Lapseritis, who maintains that sasquatch, far from being mere animals, are people, highly intelligent, who act as guards or scouts for extraterrestrials.  He also says they can disappear at will.  He has written two books on the subject, Psychic Sasquatch and The Sasquatch People and their Interdimensional Contacts, both of which are available from Amazon.

Those who hope to see Cryptozoology raised to a branch of mainstream science fear that any connection between Sasquatch and the paranormal will retard such a development.  It probably will.  However, that does not mean those who see the paranormal as beyond reasonable and acceptable consideration are necessarily right.  Much that fuels speculation in physics today might have seemed equally fantastic in days agone.

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