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Thursday 22 May 2014


La Calchona (courtesy Austin Whittall)
You may remember, Gentle Reader, that we have done a couple of features on the Wampus Cat of U.S. folklore.  A rather similar story surfaces among the Mapuche Indians of South America.  This concerns a witch called La Calchona.  If you encounter her, she looks like a black sheep or dog.  She is not dangerous, so don't be afraid; but her story, as I say, reminds one somewhat of the Wampus Cat.

She was a witch.  She obtained certain ointments with a view to turning herself into a sheep.  She would go out in the night to do this.  Her husband realized she was making nocturnal excursions and wondered why.  He determined to follow her.

On doing so, he saw her apply the ointment and become a sheep.  This, he felt, had to stop.  He returned home and destroyed the rest of the ointment.  La calchona had to remain in animal form forever.

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