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Tuesday 13 May 2014


Momo is the shortened form of the words 'Missouri Monster' which was given to a hominid reported in 1972.  This was in the city of Louisiana (population 3,300) in Missouri.  The creature was reported holding a dead dog under its arm.  Its face was covered by hair.  Its height was put at 6'-7'.  It was first seen by the three Harrison children and a couple of days later by their father.  There were further reports from other sources and tracks were discovered, but L. Curtis (Oklahoma City Zoo) maintained they had been faked.  There had been at much the same time some UFO activity in the area and UFO investigator H. Hewes felt the creature had been left by a UFO.

The only other creature of a similar nature said to have a face covered in hair was the Sister Lakes Monster of Michigan, reported in 1964.  This sounds as though it were somewhat taller than Momo.

The question that arises is whether Momo is a discrete species or merely an unkempt Bigfoot.  I don't think we can infer from the hair-covered visage that we are dealing here with a separate species.  Likewise, I don't feel we can conclude were are dealing necessarily with a hybrid of two different kinds of hominid.  Either of these conclusions could be correct, but the evidence for their being so is at present poor.

At present, the situation seems to be that some people of Louisiana think Momo a hoax and some do not.  If its very existence is in doubt, its identification or not with Bigfoot is a secondary problem.  

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