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Thursday 16 January 2014


Anthony Padilla of Midland County (Michigan) discerned on his property a creature he suspected was Bigfoot and went over to have a closer look.  Yes, it was a red-eyed hominid.  He has now been trying to gather evidence to support his sighting.  He has collected excrement, which can be a great deal of fun.  He has also tried to lure the beast, presumably to photograph it, with pizzas.  Bigfoot seems to have taken the pizzas, but avoided the camera.  He has a particular liking for Mexican and Chinese.
The Patterson-Gimlin controversial photograph

As I'm writing this in Ireland, I thought I'd mention the Blessington Beast, a controversial animal allegedly spotted in Ireland about a year ago.  A fisherman in County Wicklow claims he saw it and has taken a rather indistinct video.  You can see this if you go to

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