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Friday 11 March 2016


In medieval France there existed, or so it was believed, a monster called the Velue (hairy one), also called the Peluda.  This creature was said to dwell in the River Huisne, or at least in its vicinity.  It would dive into the water, causing floods.  It is described as being the size of a bull.  It had a snake's head and its body was round.  In color, it was green.  It was also fire breathing, which might allow us to include it in the dragon species.  It was endowed with a sort of quill, which was poison-tipped.  Despite its name, I can find no reference to its having any hair.

It was said that, when the Flood came, Noah would not let it aboard the Ark, so it took refuge in a cave.  

Insofar as I know, there have been no modern reports.

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