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Thursday, 25 August 2016


For example, what do they eat?

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The Cat Sith (fairy cat) is a creature of Scottish legend.

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What is this mystery canid of South America?

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Account of sighting in the Lone Star state.

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On This Day in Weird, August 25...

1976: Brian Gosselin reports an encounter with Sasquatch on Abair Road in Whitehall, New York. British authors Janet and Colin Bord describe Gosselin as a police officer whose sighting occurred when the creature came within 25 feet of his patrol car—a claim confirmed by Bigfoot blogger Shaun Evidence. A contradictory report, published online by Loren Coleman following Gosselin's death in May 1957, describes the witness as an 18-year-old at the time of his sighting. Since Gosselin died at age 57, simple math confirms Coleman's account. Read Gosselin's obituary at

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


At Weird Weekend 2016 we had the usual eclectic collection of speakers.  Subjects included the history of the Punch and Judy Show, retro-causation, the Sumatra expedition to find Orang Pendek, the history of the Southampton UFO Group, autonomous spaces, etc.  John Hare missed the bus, unfortunately, so we didn't hear his talk on were-tigers.   Meals and cakes were supplied by the Small School and I can especially commend the cake made by ChloĆ« Gray, of which I consumed four slices.

Of chief interest to American readers was probably the lecture by Jackie Tonks on her Bigfoot encounter.  She saw a brace of Bigfoot and wondered at first if they were costumed hoaxers until one of them broke wind in an explosive manner which was beyond the capacity of a human being.

Jackie Tonks
 An interesting facet of this encounter was that Jackie did not feel the full psychological impact of the unusual nature of the experience until a few days afterwards.

Music was provided by Marianne Holland, whose voice showed a wonderful range.

Marianne Holland

We heard about the monsters of Norse lore from veteran cryptozoologist Lars Thomas.  In the picture below you can see him behaving in an outrageous manner with Jackie Walkley.  A sober looking elderly cryptozoologist looks on.

Lars Thomas tickles Jackie's fancy.

There may be those who think the Weird Weekend should be a more somber occasion, but one of its many virtues is the general air of mirth and merriment that pervades it.  Jonathan Downes worked his ass off in preparing this one, but he suggested that this would be the last in its present format.  However, next year there is Weird Weekend North and there is also Weird Weekend Scandinavia in Copenhagen.  

Jonathan's Ass (worked off).


A Native American encounter.

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