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Monday 14 March 2016


A large animal was believed in by the tribe of Nkami in modern Ghana, according to a report published in 1909.

It was water-dwelling, very fierce and was twice the size of an elephant.  It is endowed with wiry bristles.  It has a short trunk and will initiate its attack by shooting water from this at its victim.  It uses the same organ to crush its victims.

It has been suggested that this is the same animal as the Emela-Ntouka.  However, this has usually been reported from Central rather than West Africa, though Schomburgk is reported to have seen one in Liberia.  However, it is also said to have a nasal horn rather than a trunk.

I wonder, from its descriprion, if it is a species of elephant.  However, it seems to be somewhat irascible and better avoided by the timorous tourist, should he see one in the distance.

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