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Monday, 15 February 2016


We have mentioned alleged centaur sightings before and have expressed doubts that a traditionally centaur-like body would be biologically viable.  I mean, would it have two digestive tracts, for example.  But encounters with centaurs or similar beings are occasionally reported, as in the present instance.

This event was said to have occurred in West Jefferson, Ohio.  It was red in color, appeared to be half man and half horse and had, moreover, a pair of wings.  It is not clear how many legs the creature had.  Its head and ears were pointed - in the case of the head, I am not sure what that is supposed to mean.  It had a beard.  When it ran off, it left cloven hoofprints, while traditional centaurs have horses' hooves.  The incident took place in 1980.

 Make of this report what you will.  (The heraldic device above shows a traditional centaur).

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