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Monday, 14 December 2015


The Isle of Wight lies off the south coast of England.  There you will find a Booger if folklore is to be believed.  It is called the Gooseberry Wife.  The Gooseberry Wife is no human.  She (or it) is a huge caterpillar, covered in hair.  It swells in the gooseberry bushes.  Should recalcitrant children seek to purloin gooseberries, it is said she will emerge and devour them.  Clearly we are dealing here with a creature invented to deter children from stealing gooseberries.  The thing that puzzles me is why anyone would want to steal gooseberries in the first place.  They taste horrible.

Let us go now to Croatia.  There they tell of the Orko.  This is an ass composed of gas.  By gas I do't mean gas that is gasoline, I mean gas that is gas.  In this gaseous form it will interpose itself between your legs and then turn solid.  Having done so, it will gallop off with you.  Luckily it won't otherwise harm you.

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