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Friday, 5 June 2015


The city of Liverpool has two symbolic birds which are called the Liver Birds.  There is a carving of one of the birds on each of the two towers of the Liver Building.  It is said if they fly away, the River Mersey will flood Liverpool.  But what exactly are they?

The first mention we have of the Liver Bird is in 1668.  The College of Arms gave Liverpool its coat of arms in 1797 with the birds on it.  The College proclaimed it was a cormorant.  But was it?

Liverpool received its charter in 1207, granted by King John.  His seal on the document was an eagle, but this may have grown into the mysterious birds.

The Liverpool Mercury in 1824 said a man had entered their office carrying a stuffed liver bird and that experts had denied what he had was a cormorant, but an ornithologist from Ormskirk proclaimed that is just what it was.  The owner of the creature took it away, so we cannot hope to examine it.

The identity of the Liver Birds remains an enigma.  By the way, it is said one of the bird statues will flap its wings if a virgin passes by.  So far it has not been observed to do so.

Liverpool Coat of Arms

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