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Tuesday, 2 June 2015


This animal put in an appearance in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.  The curious thing about it was that nobody ever saw it.  There were glimpses through the foliage, but nothing which enabled anyone to make out even the rough shape of the creature or to guess what category it fitted into.

It was first heard in 1869 when it moved into a wood near a Presbyterian church.  Although it was not seen, it gave tongue to shouting or bellowing of a distinctly otherworldly nature.  Perhaps it was trying to imitate the hymn singing of the Presbyterian congregation.  Hunters pursued it, but got no more than indistinct glimpses of the beast.  Hounds apparently caught up with it from time to time, but it fought them off, so it must have been a beast of some prowess.  Its tracks resembled nothing the hunters had ever seen.  

It next moved on and established itself near another Presbyterian church.  A beast of Calvinist inclination?  Eventually, it was heard no more.  Who can say what it was?

Map of North Carolina, highlighting Mecklenburg County

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