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Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Beaman (Missouri) has its very own monster, in the sense that it has a monster named after it.  The creature is pithecoid and its origin story is one that must be treated with caution, as one hears the same tale told of other animals.

Traditions of the monster are said to date from the early part of the 20th Century.  It is said that in 1904 there was a circus train crash and a gorilla escaped.  The Monster is said to be, not the gorilla, but its offspring.

How the gorilla had an offspring without a partner is not made clear.  Perhaps it was supposed it was gravid at the time of its escape.  The Monster was supposed to be in the woodlands.  People would forget about it for a while, but every 50 years or so sightings would start again.  It is described as a shadowy creature seen lurkinbg in the woods and one witness said it did not seem quite like an animal.  There was a hunt for it involving men with shotguns in a cornfield in the 1950s.

Although locals do not seem to identify it with Bigfoot, such a notion cannot be dismissed on the grounds of improbability.  We await further developments.

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