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Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Great Slave Lake
The Great Slave Lake in Canada is the 9th largest lake in the world.  The folklore of the Dene Indians has maintained the existence of a monster in its watery depths.  However, sightings have not been confined to the First Nations.  During the 1990s certain divers in the lake reported a strange creature that seemed to have a head like a pike and a body like an alligator.  A priest, Father Lynn, must have been somewhat startled one day when he looked out and saw a draconic head following a boat.

The creature is said to live off Utsingh Point.  Its color is supposedly green.  A considerable portion of the lake is icebound throughout the year, so it is very unlikely the creature, if indeed the observations are not mistaken, is  a reptile.

As for the peculiar name of the lake, it is taken from the tribal name of the Slave or Dogrib Indians.

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