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Saturday 1 March 2014


Perhaps the headline is an exaggeration, but, further to Zachary Mann's recent article, I thought I would draw readers' attention to some alleged sightings of reptilians.

A dark colored creature, its skin covered with algae, with a jutting jaw and possible gills on its head was reported in New Orleans by a trucker.

A rather frightening though undated record deals with a reptilian found in a cellar in New York.  It was about 6' in height, its head was reptoid, its mouth fanged and it had arms and legs.  A workman saw it and, when he ran to tell his friends, he was so shocked they thought he was having a heart attack.

Grayish colored diminutive humanoids with faces reminiscent of frogs were reported at Branch Hill (Ohio) in 1955.

A lizard man was reported from Pass Christian (Mississippi) in 1983.  It was endowed with scales and big teeth.  A lizard man was reported emerging from a pond in Charlotte (NC) in 1987 by a Baptist minister's wife and son.

Hindu mythology features a race called Nagas, who are half human and half snake.  (The upper half is the human one).

Of course, there is the notion held by conspiracy theorists that many powerful persons are in fact reptoids hiding beneath an outer appearance of humanity.  I hope to have a detailed look at this belief in due course.

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