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Sunday, 9 March 2014


Sometimes cryptozoology takes us into areas where even the cryptozoologist's imagination is strained.  This is one such area.  

In the early part of the 20th Century (remember it?-not so long ago) two ladies went out with a view to getting water from the pump.  (In those days, not everyone had running water).  They heard noises coming from a grapevine and felt they came from a human voice cursing them.  One of them summoned her husband, who came out, gun in hand.  Then the three of them saw an astonishing animal on a fence - a bobcat-like creature with a human head.  The husband took a shot, but the creature went into the nearby woods.  This happened at Short Hill Mountain, Loudoun County, Virginia.

Round Hill was a nearby place which boasted a supposedly haunted house and, three years later, a young man was dared to spend the night there.  He didn't stay there all night for what should he see in the house but a creature like a bobcat with a human head.  He fled and the creature pursued him.  He was headed towards Hillsboro and at length stopped for breath only to behold his pursuer on a fence in front of him.  He was off again and that was the last he saw of the creature.

I will not presume to see what those witnesses saw.  My only guess is that it was a bobcat with a disfigured face.  You don't really get bobcats with human heads - or do you?

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