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Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Apart from Bigfoot, the Chupacabras and lake monsters, some pretty weird creatures have been reported from various parts of the United States.  Here is a list of some I've encountered.  By encountered I mean I've read about them - I haven't bumped into them personally.

The Awful

H.P. Lovecraft wrote about this.  He said it was one of the inspirations for his horror stories.  It was reported from Vermont in 1925 (two sightings).  It was a flying creature with ten foot wings.  One man who saw it on a roof had a heart attack.

Bogey of Craddock Marsh

On an island off the Virginia coast, this creature has been said to have lived for centuries.  However, the are no reports of anyone ever seeing it.  People claim to have heard its cries and footprints ascribed to it have been discovered.


Now, here's a good one.  It is supposed to have wings 6' in length, a doglike face and a long body.  If you are traversing woods near Chester, Russell and North Adams, look out!  These are supposed to be its haunts.

Gray-Tentacled Creature

For a report of this, I have to go back to 1958.  Then it was seen crossing the road in Ohio and a second sighting reported its going into Kentucky.  One of its characteristics was said to be "rolls of fat".  It didn't have any hair.

Oyster Bay Cloud

In Oyster Bay, Long Island, this object was seen in 1975.  Although it looked just like a cloud, it was apparently alive and shot water at an onlooker.

N.B. - I have discovered an article on the Awful and possibly more read on....

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