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Thursday 27 February 2014


The moose, often called in Europe an elk (as distinct from the American elk or wapiti) has, in the past, been popularly supposed to hybridize with other creatures.  A hybrid between a moose and a cow would generally be regarded as impossible by zoologists, yet a creature was born in 1939 which was suspected of being such.  The balance of probability is it was just a rather unusual looking cow. I have, unfortunately, no further details of this case.

Nor is it at all likely that a moose could cross with a horse, yet in QuĂ©bec in 2006, a strange creature was born to a mare.  The head and legs were reminiscent of a moose and the only male horses on the farm were geldings.  It is not unknown for horses and moose to mate, but according to received wisdom, they should not produce offspring.  The young animal was named Bambi.

Moose on the loose

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