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Friday 14 March 2014


At the risk of boring my readers, I have turned up another story referring to, if not a Phantom Kangaroo, at least something kangaroo-like.  This is the Gitchie Goomi Monster.  It was seen by the roadside near Lake Superior in 1994.  It had green eyes which glowed and it bore a resemblance in some respects to a kangaroo.  One of the witnesses said it was deranged looking and it certainly seems to have had a frightening aspect.

Various American cryptids seem to be, if not exactly kangaroos, kangaroo-like.  For example, the Jersey Devil, though described as winged, has been said to have a kangaroo like shape.  A Kangaroo-Man, whatever that may be, was reported in Oregon in 1900.  A
Kangaroo Monster with hooves and horns was allegedly seen in Dayton (Ohio).  And we must not forget the Kangaroo-like Beast which, we are told, was observed in Tennessee in 1934.  Are all these actually reports of the same species of cryptid?  And, if so, how exactly do we classify it?  The answer is we don't until we get further information.

The Jersey Devil is imaginatively depicted above.  Sightings have continued into the 21st Century.  A dog walker at Jackson (NJ) was walking past a wood when a horrific creature emerged.  Over 5'8", it had wings and a tail.  It jumped onto the branch of a tree.  The dog walker did not linger.

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