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Wednesday 26 March 2014


Though hardly recent, this report of a really bizarre creature is worth noting.  It was June 13th, 2005, and two witnesses saw this creature in an old cemetery in Huntsville, Utah.  It was some time in the early hours after midnight and they saw a short creature that appeared somewhat hunched.  The face was reptilian, but the body was covered in hair.  At first it seemed to be bipedal, but, after realizing it was observed, it dropped on all fours and made off.

This creature appears to be an isolate.  There is no evidence of a population of such creatures.  We cannot rule out a paranormal origin, saying it comes from another universe or dimension, especially as scientists are coming to accept the possibility of such things' existing.  But could it, on the other hand, have escaped from some genetic laboratory?  The truth is, speculation is really fruitless, as there is no evidence of its origin.

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