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Wednesday, 13 June 2018


Ye Editor speaks....

Britain, as you probably know, is an island off the coast of Ireland.  There have recently been quite a few reports of a Bigfoot-like creature in Britain and these have led to speculation that that island has always harbored a population of the creatures, who have managed to keep out of the public eye until recent years.  True, there have been a number of Bigfoot reports from there over the centuries, but these have been few and far between.

Now it has been argued that there are many wild spots in Britain as yet uncluttered by buildings where Bigfoot might thrive, but, even so, I find it hard to believe that, in an island as small as Britain, creatures of this size have maintained themselves without coming to the attention of zoologists.  It is hard to see how the country could support a secret
viable population.

Does this mean all these reports are the result of misperception or mendacity?

Not necessarily.  There is a more outr√© explanation which I feel, despite its  strangeness, merits consideration.

It is now increasingly accepted by physicists that there may be other universes apart from the one we know.  If this is the case, we cannot rule out the possibility that Bigfoot like creatures these days are wandering in and out of them.  This would account for the fact that they are only found in exceptional circumstances and their bones are not found at all.

I favor this explanation for most creatures that seem to be there some of the time, but not all of it, and which thoughtfully leave no remains in their wake.

I do not for a minute regard this as the explanation of all cryptids.  Some I would hazard are simply animals as yet undiscovered.

Some persons would invoke the tulpa as an explanation, but I am chary of this.  The most convincing account of a tulpa we have is that of Alexandra David-Neel, who claimed to have created one in Tibet.  A tulpa is a thought form projected by the mind.  However, one suspects the high altitude of Tibet is conducive to hallucination and, moreover, she claimed that it took great mental energy to bring her projection into being.  I cannot imagine that British Bigfoot witnesses are able to bring such things into being spontaneously, which would be very different from the procedure Miss David-Neel describes.

Another possibility is that they normally live underground and rarely come to the surface.  While I would not absolutely discount this, how they subsist in such an environment is a question that would need to be considered.  Again, if such large creatures existed subterraneously in Britain, I cannot feel they would have evaded the attention of mainstream sciences.

All of this should not be taken to imply I believe in the British Bigfoot.  I neither believe nor disbelieve.  I keep an open mind.  Mind you, when I was over in Britain, I did see a number of individuals on public transport who, if unclad, might easily pass for Bigfoot.


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