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Thursday, 5 October 2017


And here is where I do a publicity piece for my own work. This is my latest book The Wand of Merlin.  Set in modern times, it deals with a quest to find Merlin's wand to prevent the release of Demogorgon, who will wreak destruction on the world.  It is aimed at the Young Adult market, but I feel adults will also appreciate it.  It features a dreadful animal that wanders the countryside by night, two extremely incompetent cryptozoologists, an imperiled vicar's wife, a man who keeps his mad wife in a cage, an uncouth orphanage director, a neighbor with a gun and an attitude problem, a bunch of fierce goblins, an army of strong but decaying crones, a foul-mouthed elderly aunt and Merlin himself, though not in a consistently stable condition.

This volume, costing a mere $12.50, can be purchased from Amazon and the Book Depository. (Price may vary according to booksellers' whims.)

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