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Thursday, 18 May 2017


South American Indians believe in the existence of a huge snake, to which this name is given.  Its existence has never been validated by zoologists, but that doesn't mean in doesn't exist.  Evidence for it is not lacking.  For example, in 1922 a Father Heinz claimed he saw a snake 80 foot long in the Amazon.  He sighted another at the mouth of the Piaba in 1929.  However, this was surpassed by P. Tarvallo in 1948, who claimed he saw a snake 150 foot long.  In the same year, a snake was allegedly killed by machine-gun fire and said to be 115 feet in length.  Michael Newton in his Encyclopedia of Cryptozoology cites two further incidents in 1930.   A suggestion that it might be a descendant of the prehistoric Gigantophis should be treated with caution.

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