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Wednesday, 3 May 2017


The creature known as Pinky has been reported from the St Johns River, Florida.  It was first said to have been seen in the 1950s.  It is (as you might have guessed) pink in color and looks somewhat reptilian.  There was a clear sighting in 1975.  A pink head, reminiscent of a dinosaur's, came up from beneath the water, striking one of the witnesses as though its skin had been removed, exposing bones beneath.  It had horns reminiscent of a snail's antennae.  Its eyes were slanted and gills and fins were noticed.  Various identities have been proposed, such as dinosaur and salamander.

St Johns River

The Saint Johns River

This river is known as the American Nile.  Most rivers in the Northern Hemisphere flow southwards, but the Nile flows northwards and so too does the St Johns River, presumably earning it this nickname.  It is the longest river in Florida.

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