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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Bigfoot Camping Weekend

Hello there all those seeker of the truth and investigators of the bizarre. My name is Ronald Murphy and I am pleased to be a blogger for the Center for Fortean Zoology. I am a researcher and author who is part of the conference circuit in the United States. One of the more interesting events, coming up this very weekend, is the Bigfoot Camping Adventure in southwestern Pennsylvania. The location of this event is in an area known for Bigfoot sightings, and there will be several hikes offered. As well as these particular activities, the event will also feature movies on Friday.

Small Town Monsters Director Seth Breedlove and Producer Brandon Dalo will be on hand to share a special screening of their latest documentary Boggy Creek Monster. Jay Bachochin and  Aleksander Petakov of Petakov Media will be showing a short documentary film at the event this year called Sasquatch; Out of the woods.  Friday night during the pizza party and night time outings,  there will be a special showing of the classic film Legend of Boggy Creek on Sunday night.  Seth and Brandon will have copies of the film Boggy Creek Monster along with their previous films available for sale at their booth and Aleksander will film available at his booth. 

However, the main focus will be on the speakers. I am flattered to be part of this event, and I will be speaking on Sunday, with my lecture titled "On Wildman, Tracking Bigfoot Through History," the book, by the way, to be released this summer by the Center for Fortean Zoology.

Members of the television show, Mountain Monsters, will be in attendance.


Longtime researcher Stan Gordon will be speaking on Saturday.

I will be giving a full rundown of this event in my blog next week!

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