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Friday, 1 July 2016


Here we have a story from history, if it isn't a hoax.

Thanet is a region in Kent, England, on the seacoast.  It is cut off from the rest of Kent by a river, so it is sometimes called the Isle of Thanet.  A large fish was cast ashore there on July 9th, 1574.  Its species was not recognized.  Its length was 66 feet and its jaw opened to 12 feet.  It was possible for a man to stand up in the socket of its eye.  The distance between its eyes was 12'  while from its back to its belly the creature measured 14'.  The tail was equally thick.  Three men could stand upright in its mouth.  It was even said to be possible to climb up one of its nostrils.  I cannot but think I would have foregone such an opportunity if provided.

If you catch one of these when you're fishing, make sure to let the CFZ know.

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