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Saturday, 2 July 2016


Let us betake ourselves to the year 1924.  In West Orange, New Jersey, a curious creature was reported.  It had a head like that of a deer and fiery eyes(whatever that means).  It proceeded by hopping, after the fashion of a rabbit.  Witnesses included a policeman and a farmer.

What are cryptozoologists to make of creatures like this, reported only once?  Are they to infer the possible existence of a population of Hopping Devils lurking somewhere out of sight in the fastnesses of New Jersey?  Should they speculate on the existence of an interdimensional barrier across which such a creature, well known in its own dimension, might have hopped?

I don't know.  The other thing that strikes me is that this creature might have been the far-famed Jersey Devil, not recognized as such by the witnesses.

West Orange

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