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Monday, 9 May 2016


You hardly expect there to be many reports of flying horses, which at this date seem a complete impossibility.  However, in 1878 one was reported in West Virginia. A plowman saw quite a clearly outlined flying horse flying through the air.  Or, rather, his motion was rather like that of a swimmer.  He pointed te creature out to some other men who were scared by the apparition, but confirmed that they could discern it.  Was it a mirage?  Was it a nebular formation?  was it a bird, a plane or....a flying horse?

It is interesting to note that a flying horse was reported recently in Mexico.

I have doubts that a genuine flying horse would be physiologically impossible.  But who knows: I am not acquainted with the full gamut of physiological possibilities.  If one lands in your backyard, however, I wouldn't try to ride it.

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