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Saturday, 14 November 2015


This lake lies in British Columbia.  It traditionally housed a monster and there has been a reported sighting.  This sighting is undated, but seems to have taken place in August, 2010.  Witness Darlene Thompkins saw a head resembling that of a large snake emerge from the water.  Then a second and a third came into sight.  There seems to be no description of the body.

Let us travel further south to Lake Hopcatong in New Jersey.  The Delaware Indians had a tradition of a monster in this lake.  The texture of its body resembled an elephant's and it had huge antlers or horns.  It hasn't been seen for 200 years, but white settlers have claimed to see its body under water.

Lake Hopcatong

Lake Clinch (Florida) was also the source of Indian traditions of a lake monster.  A sighting in 1907 from Frostproof of a creature estimated at 30' in length was supposedly that of the monster.

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