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Sunday, 15 November 2015


The cranberry is a fruit whose sauce has garnished many a turkey, but the Cranberry in question is in fact a town in Pennsylvania.  In 1997 two boys innocently picking blackberries saw a very strange creature in  a tree.  It was colored brown and black with some moss apparently part of it.  The boys placed its length at 5'-6'.  The skin of the creature had a leathery, even shiny, appearance, the latter perhaps caused by heat.  Its face was to an extent protruberant and seemed round.  It was muscular, but looked somewhat unwell.  

One of the boys started hurling rocks at the animal and then its eyes grew larger, giving off a glow which seemed to combine the colors of red, green and yellow.  The ears stretched outward.

The younger boy, on whom the animal's eyes were fixed, seemed hypnotized and then vomited.  While this was going on, the beast uttered a high pitched sound which swelled into a vibratory effect.
The elder boy grabbed his brother and took him home.

Their parents, when told, dismissed what they had seen as a poacher.  While I rarely find myself hobnobbing with poachers, I feel I would have to go a long way to find one boasting the characteristics of this creature.  This is not, however, the first time I have come on an account of a person vomiting in response to seeing a cryptid.

This account, by the way, has as its source Stan Gordon's book Astonishing Encounters, which I can recommend.

Cranberry, Pennsylvania

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