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Monday, 9 November 2015


The gargoyle is not usually treated as a creature of folklore and mythology.  Gargoyles are usually monstrous shapes carved on churches, perhaps intended to protect them.  But as the word gargoyle has passed into usage, it is not unheard of for the term to be applied to anomalous creatures of frightening aspect.

A child named Robert was playing with toy cars in Longview Avenue, Bluefield (West Virginia).  His attention was distracted by a rustling in a nearby hedge and out from this came an extraordinary creature.

It had a froglike face and the color was the green shade one associates with frogs.  Its mouth, however, contained teeth.  It had "pointed" black eyes.  Its ears were the same size as its head.  It had webbed feet and its body reminded the child of that of a bulldog.  It hissed at the child, who, after being frozen with fear, suddenly found his power of movement had returned and he fled the scene.  

West Virginia is, of course, a state famous for its strange phenomena.

Above: picture of architectural gargoyle

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