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Saturday, 9 May 2015


The River Medway is in Kent, England.  It has been home to unidentified monstrous creatures or at least to a single monstrous creature more than once.

On sighting (undated) was that of Jack Pocock.  It bore some resemblance to an eel, but its back was humped and it had a long snout.  Pocock, who was carrying a gun, fired a shot at it, to no effect.  He saw it again a week later and fired another shot, the outcome being that it swam away.  This occurred at a place called Pinup Ridge.

In the 1980s Richard Maan saw a strange creature curled up.  It uncurled itself and swam away.

The Medway, which is 70 miles long, flows into the Thames Estuary and is thereby connected with the sea.  Whether these creatures made their way in from the sea is another matter.

River Medway

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