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Wednesday 11 March 2015


It is widely believed that, if a pig tries to swim, it will cut its throat with its trotters and thereby perish.  Some years ago, however, three Tamworth pigs escaped from a slaughterhouse in Britain.  They headed for the great yonder and, in due course, came to a river.  They swam across and did themselves no harm whatsoever.  You'll be pleased to learn that, on recapture, their lives were spared.

However, pigs in the Bahamas have now taken this swimming lark further.  Yes, feral pigs have taken to swimming off the island coast.
No harm accrues to them.  They are now being promoted as a tourist attraction.  "Swim with pigs!" the tourists are urged.

Now I wonder if any breed of pig cuts its throat while swimming or if the whole business is a myth.  Perhaps some reader can supply an answer.

Tamworth pigs

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