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Tuesday, 13 January 2015


I am not sure that I actually think this was a dog.  I feel it might have been an altogether different creature.  That doesn't mean I know what it is.  It was seen in Magalia (California) in 1966.  Sheila Charles and her son, Shane, were driving along when it crossed the road in front of their car.  Its neck was perhaps 30 inches in length and it was topped by a snakelike head.  It had short front legs, back legs that were perhaps longer and boasted black and shaggy fur.  It did not have a tail.  Another motorist confirmed the sighting.

Although I cannot guess what these people saw, its description sounds somehow plausible and I do not rule out the possibility that it was a known animal that they failed to identify.  Perhaps some of our readers could proffer suggestions?

Location of Magalia

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