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Sunday 4 January 2015


No, that isn't the sound of someone sneezing.  It is, in fact, the name of a place in the North Caucasus.  This locale is noted for a bizarre mystery.  It is said by the local inhabitants that, in the caves here, lives a monster of the kind you wouldn't want to meet while doing a spot of mountain climbing.  Well, as I never go climbing in the Caucasus, this cannot be said to affect me directly.  I have been unable to procure an actual description of the beastie, so, if anyone out there knows what it is supposed to look like, please get in touch with the CFZ.  

The Soviet Government in 1949 - the year after I was born and I see from photographs of myself at the time that I was a most charming child - planned to set up a military base in the caves.  A party was sent to explore them and returned unscathed.  A second party was sent and vanished.  Soviet investigators found the bodies of two of its members.  One had a missing head while the other had all the flesh removed from his body.  They decided to build the military installation elsewhere.  Very sensible, in the circumstances.

Caucasus Mountains

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