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Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Most readers, I take it, will be familiar with stories of Men in Black, who turn up and quiz witnesses after anomalous experiences, particularly UFO sightings.  Here we have an encounter with one in the county of Tipperary.

In June, 1990, James McCleary, farmer, noticed two circular swirls in a field of oats and subsequently one in a field of tall grass.  He had no idea of what had made them.  He later found a disturbance in a potato field.  This disturbance was an egg-shaped formation in the earth.

Map of Ireland, Tipperary highlighted in dark green.
The day after finding this, he set out from his farmhouse to take a walk in the country air.  Suddenly, from behind a shed, a strange man wearing a suit appeared.  McCleary said this individual resembled a corpse and he didn't much like the look of him.  The man addressed McCleary, but it sounded as if English was not his native tongue.  He asked the startled farmer about the designs that had appeared in his fields and implied he would suffer if he refused to answer.  The man puzzlingly referred to himself as "us".  He used the term "bunches" to refer to the formations.  McCleary had had enough.  He walked away from the man and never saw him again.

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