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Tuesday, 2 December 2014


The makalaka is a legendary bird in which the Wasequa of  Tanzania believed.  They will tell you that it is the size of an ostrich, despite which it can fly.  On its wing tips it has plates which make a clashing sound as it makes its way through the skies.

The Wasequa have a way to hunt this extraordinary member of the avifauna.  You like down and pretend to be dead.  Seeing you, the makalaka will descend with luncheon in mind.  You then stab it with your spear or other appropriate implement.

However, if this bird actually exists, cryptozoologists should not, of course, kill a living specimen.  The idea should be to let it thrive and keep the species going.

The Wasequa were supposed to use the skulls as helmets.  There have been no actual reports of this bird since the 19th Century.

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