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Thursday, 4 December 2014


Did you know that Africa is said to have its quota of human-like unknown creatures?  Jacqueline Roumeguere-Eberhardt (1927-2006) did research into these creatures.  She was well-placed to garner local lore, as she was the wife of a Maasai warrior.  She held an M.A. from Rand University and did postgraduate studies at the Sorbonne.  She spoke not only Maasai, but a number of other African languages.  She analyzed 33 encounters in eleven forests and came up with five classifications.

These were:-

[1] A large and blond type which carried a spiked club.  Her witnesses were 31 adults and two children.  Reports of this type came from five forests.

[2] A hairless, white, nocturnal type, noted for screams.  12 witnesses.

[3] A tall, black type with white hair that stretches down to its feet. It sometimes kills buffalo, but exsanguinates the carcass, leaving the rest.  It is reported to carry a club.

[4] A large-headed type, reportedly seen with a female and young.

[5] This one was somewhat similar to the previous type, but was seen carrying a bow and arrows.  A bow which the creature had carried was acquired by the Maasai.  They also obtained a bag for nettle collecting, belonging to the creature.

Roumeguere-Eberhardt did not name any of these creatures, but simply gave them the designation X, calling them X1-X5.  One wonders if X4 and X5 could be the same. 

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