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Tuesday, 9 September 2014


On This Day in Weird, September 9...

1892: America's "Pledge of Allegiance" appears for the first time in Youth's Companion magazine, written by Baptist minister Francis Bellamy. Contrary to the claims of modern super-patriots, the Founding Fathers had no part in writing it, and Bellamy's version contained no mention of a country "under God." A right-wing Congress added that contentious phrase in 1954, originally added six years earlier by Chicago attorney Louis A. Bowman, over loud protests from Bellamy's descendants insisting that he favored strict separation of church and state. Nothing Fortean here, just another example of religious zeal tossing a spanner in the works of life. Bellamy, incidentally, favored a straight-arm salute to "Old Glory," later adopted by Fascists worldwide.

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