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Saturday, 12 July 2014


The writer Porta, who flourished in the 17th Century, draws our attention to a very curious animal indeed, for which he furnishes no description.  This is a beast called the sargon.  However, humans apparently liked to eat the sargon, whatever it was, because fishermen hunted it in a peculiar manner, which is not adopted by the piscatorial fraternity today.

You see, sargons wanted to have sex with goats.  If they saw goats on the shoreline, thither they would come with amorous expectations.  Noting this, fishermen would disguise themselves as goats and the sargons, who don't seem to have been too discerning, would come towards them, only to be ensnared.

We do not know what real creature, if any, lies behind the sargon.  Anyone with any ideas out there in crypto world?

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