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Friday, 11 July 2014


Dixonville (Pennsylvania) is not a large community.  The population is only about 450.  Yet there is an eerie story told about it.

News Extra (July 14th, 1974) tells us that it was claimed in 1944 that a tunnel had been discovered under the town.  A person or persons entered the underground passage, only to discover a creature that looked not of this world.

Tantalizingly, no further details are available, nor is it stated that the creature proved hostile (appearances can be deceptive).  We don't know who is supposed to have found the creature - no names are supplied.

Because this report is so vague, most of us will cast a skeptical eye in its direction.  But, if you live in Dixonville, and one night you hear mysterious digging sounds coming from underneath your house, you may speculate that the creature is still active.

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